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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This year Pink Paislee came out with the most gorgeous line called Cupid Collection for their Valentine's release -- it's no surpise that it flew off the shelves and I must admit that I definitely contributed to that! When my daughter was 5 months old we took her to get her first professional photos taken at the studio and while at the time, I scrapbooked those pictures pretty quickly, I wasn't entirely happy w/ how those layouts turned out. I have since been re-doing them which is why a lot of my layouts lately of her include those very pictures. At any rate, I immediately thought of that photo shoot when I laid eyes on this collection from Pink Paislee. Here is one of the projects that I used the line on:

 Journaling reads: "I am blessed beyond measure that God gave you to me, Alison. You have enriched my life and loving you has been the best gift of my life!"

(The Adore Bingo Card, Vintage button at the top, and mini sticker letters are from Jenni Bowlin)
 Detail of the cluster of embellishments:

Since I have been scrapbooking these photo shoot pictures lately I've been feeling very nostalgic...You see, my daughter will be turning 4 in a matter of a few more weeks and while I feel extremely blessed that she's growing up to be healthy, strong, and EXTREMELY bright, I must admit that I do get a bit sad to know how fast time just seems to slip away from me...Looking at these pictures makes me miss the days of her "chubby baby-ness"!! I think the best parenting advice I'd ever been given and actually regarded is to enjoy every minute b/c they grow up so very fast! 

I also completed a "Best Friends" page layout of me and my BFF Jo (Josephine) which I will be sharing later this week. I've actually been on a roll lately and am proud that I've been able to scrapbook with some regularity...I'm feeling quite accomplished! If I can keep this up, maybe I'll only be behind 5 yrs :) 

As you can tell, I'm slowly (but surely!) working on making my blog a little more aesthetically pleasing to the eye...it's a lot more work than I thought it would be but so far I am enjoying the learning experience.   
Thank you for stopping by today everyone -- I hope you're all having a lovely week so far!



  1. Adorable page, and adorable photo!!! Enjoy every day, because they do grow up so quickly!!!!!

  2. Your daughter is beautiful and stunning layout again


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